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  • Have you been to a restaurant you couldn’t get into???
  • Have you had any problems while checking into a hotel???
  • Have you been to a restroom you weren’t able to use???
  • Have you ever had any problems while out shopping???
  • Do you feel helpless about not being able to do anything about it???
  • What can you do about it???

If you aren't yet in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, add some bright flashing neon to your new sign— because your business or government facility will surely standout in a crowd... and not being compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act means that you, your business, or your government arm may experience. of a very expensive federal lawsuit.

Like many others, affected by Americans with Disabilities Act, are you confused about this complicated law?

Or maybe you need competent help and information to make sure your business is compliant—before or after legal actions?

CALL US. Bill Norkunas, CEO of ADAhelp, can help you.

That's why our name is ADAhelp.
The ADA Law.

••• In simplified terms, the very complicated ADA law was passed by the U.S. Congress for several basic reasons. One, equality for all PWD's (Persons With Disabilities) and two, to make businesses and local and state government facilities in the United States---more accessible to qualified individuals with a disability.

••• This federal law requires the removal of architectural barriers that make a facility inaccessible to anyone with a qualified disability.

••• The ADA affects a broad sweep of retail, service & professional businesses. Also, indoor & outdoor sport facilities, and all local & state government programs, buildings, parks, including historic landmarks.

••• All are included in this law.

••• If you are wondering if your business is included in this law, contact us. We can provide you with more than peace of mind. And we suggest you do it now.

Inadequate entrances and exits

  • missing or blocked ramp


  • restrooms
  • elevators
  • telephones
  • water fountains
  • gift registries
  • gift wrapping
  • check-out counters


  • Isles too narrow / merchandise located too high up


  • which are not in compliance with the law as to interior accessibility
  • inaccessible in terms of getting to the fitting-rooms

Main aisle paths of travel

  • narrow and/or blocked


  • counters without a lowered section.

Inadequate signage

  • for the deaf

Inadequate Access on Streets and Highways

    • crosswalks for the blind
    • streets without ramp corner curbs


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